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    Water Technology Experts  company  (Watex) was created for the purpose of providing high quality products for its customers and is considered as one of the leading companies in Egypt and Africa in the electromechanical field as it contributes in providing integrated solutions systems through providing high quality products according to the international quality standards


     raktherm 02

    Is an integrated PP-R pipes & fittings system for delivery of water and other fluids, Used in applications of pressurized hot and cold water delivery as well as under floor heating in all types of buildings, Raktherm has acquired the international quality certificates of TUV, HY, DVGW, & SKZ, and is considered as the one of the biggest manufactures of the poly propylene products in U.A.E









    Is a high quality product that is specialized in the production of valves and water networks accessories and according to the international quality










    Whitex is the latest member in watex family.

    It is 100% Egyptian made manufactured at our factories in Badr City, applying German technology according to the global standards.

    It's made in molds designed to be fit with the former ones in order to overcome the well kown drainage webs' troubles.

    Whitex is a U-PVC drainage pipes and fittings.

    A U-PVC substance is durable, flexible, safe and suitable for a lot of uses as itsusually used in shifting water either drinkable or drainage.

    U-PVC products help avoiding all about the rust, the oxidation, or any environmental and air changes' effects nothing will smell or taste different and its completely safe and practical


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